Scaling Up Slum Upgrading from Projects to Policy, e-discussion

The field-work is undertaking extensive data collection activities to map out the existing knowledge on policies and programs on scaling up slum upgrading and prevention. The research will be used as background material to develop a country specific case-study. This forum is for an open discussion among the local researchers to share experiences and knowledge with each other, with the core partners, and with interested public members on national approaches to slum upgrading and prevention. The countries are clustered for field-work as follows,

  • Cluster 1: Brazil, South Africa, India, and Indonesia (field work-in-progress, drafting research report)
  • Cluster 2: Colombia, Chile, Tunisia, Morocco, and Thailand (field work-in-progress)
  • Cluster 3: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Vietnam (TBD – November 2011)
Country Activity Plans
  • Field-Workshops (Eshborn, Germany; Washington, DC, USA; Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Field Activities: Desk-Review; Semi-Structured Interviews; Focus-Group Discussions, and In-Situ Observations
  • Final Reports
Discussion Questions
Public Discussion Questions
Private Discussion Questions
Only invited members would be able to participate in the private discussion

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